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Web Cameras  
PC Camera processors are used in USB PC cameras to process image/audio data. A PC Camera processor receives image signals from the CMOS image sensor, processes the data, and then transmit them in digital format to the PC or other information terminals. Vimicro PC Camera processors can be connected with various types of information terminals such as desk-top PC, notebook, and game console, enabling applications such as video chat, video conferencing and interactive gaming.

Notebook PC Cameras  
Vimicro notebook embedded PC Camera processors are powerful compact single-chip solutions. Packaged into various small form factors, these processors for Notebook are especially designed to be be integrated into any notebook PC display pannels. The processor receives image signals from the CMOS Image Sensor, processes them, and then transmit these singals in digital format to the notebook motherboard.

Industrial Applications  
Vimicro offers various camera controller chips for non-consumer applications. We can provide customized service, offer more in depth tech support, and much longer product life period (usually to be 5+ Years). Such chips are widely used in the industrial, security, medical, aviation, military, automobile, scanning, and recognition applications.

Download Center  
The download center offers a limited selection of Vimicro PC Camera drivers for download. Please note that not all drivers are available in this Download Center. If you can not find the driver you need then please check with the original manufacturer of the PC Camera for driver availability. The information here is subject to change without notice.

ISP Processors  
Vimicro offers a broad range of Image Signal Processing (ISP) chips. Vimicro ISP technology provides users with most advance image processing capabilities, such as Temporal and Spatial Noise Reduction, WDR, Defog, and Electronic Image Stabilization, etc. These chips are widely used in video conference, smart phones, pad or tablets, automobile, and surveillance.

Surveillance Processors  
Vimicro offers a broad range of IC chips targeting or surveillance applications, ranging from home surveillance to professional commercial surveillance applications. Vimicro¨s surveillance processors offer various features such as Image Signal Processing, Video Compression, Audio compression, Video Analytic, Video storage, and Networking, etc.


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