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Design Challenges of Multimedia Semiconductor Solutions

Multimedia semiconductors are critical components of multimedia electronic products. Designing semiconductors that support multimedia functions involves a number of technical challenges, including simultaneous handling of analog and digital signals, high-volume, real-time data processing and signal interference minimization. In addressing these challenges, designers face a choice between using general purpose semiconductors, such as CPU and baseband processors, or dedicated multimedia processors. We believe that dedicated multimedia processors offer significant advantages in terms of processing throughput, signal quality and power efficiency. In addition, dedicated multimedia processors allow designers to upgrade multimedia capabilities of an end product without the need to significantly redesign the overall product architecture. The evolution of multimedia features for mobile phones has proceeded at a more rapid pace than the deployment of next generation wireless networks. As a result, by using a separate network connection semiconductor and dedicated multimedia processors, vendors of mobile phones are able to accelerate their time to market with new multimedia features, respond to distinct mobile phone service operator or geographic market demands and differentiate their products. Consequently, designers are increasingly seeking dedicated multimedia processors that can support a variety of multimedia functions.

The size of the multimedia semiconductor market is expanding due to increased sales volume of mobile phones and other electronic products as well as the growing complexity of the semiconductors that enable multimedia functions.

Our Solutions and Competitive Strengths

Our solutions consist of semiconductors, software and system-level reference designs. We have designed our solutions to support a broad range of standards, baseband platforms and components in order to facilitate our customers' designs, assembly and supply chain management processes. We believe that our solutions, our location in China and our team of experienced managers and engineers provide us with a number of significant competitive strengths.

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