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NPC Member Zhonghan Deng: Artificial Intelligence May Become the Revolutinary Orientation for Future Development

BEIJING, March 13, 2016 /News from Xinhuanet (Reporter Qu Shaohui)/ -- Technology topics such as 5G commercial use, man-machine war and innovation-driven have always attracted attention. Zhonghan Deng, NPC member and Vice President of CAST told the reporter of Xinhuanet: in the future ten years, artificial intelligence will be a key field; it may be the revolutionary orientation for the development of cellphone, television, family, Internet and Internet of Things.

Recently, the related topic of ¡°man-machine war¡± has attracted the global attention. Artificial intelligence AlphaGo developed by Google defeated the South Korean chess player Li Shishi, who represents the top chess levels of humankind. Insiders evaluated like this: the victory of artificial intelligence not only brings shock to people; it also marks the significant milestone.

Academician Zhonghan Deng told the reporter that artificial intelligence was a crucial cutting-edge field, ¡°it will be the overturning and revolutionary orientation for the development of cellphone, TV, family and Internet in the future¡±. The progress of the entire society will also be embodied in these revolutionary technologies. Indeed, with the development of Moore¡¯s law, improvement of the computing ability and renovation of communication technologies, artificial intelligence is closer to us. Artificial intelligence¡¯s sifting, filtering and applying of big data is the key technology that humankind pursues. As the core component provider, SoC industry will have greater development opportunities.

Academician Zhonghan Deng said that no country could only care about itself in nowadays global market competition, ¡°the only thing we can do is to make efforts to speed up development and occupy the market.¡±

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