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China unveils first embedded Neural Network Processing Unit

BEIJING, June 20, 2016 /Vimicro¡¯s National Key Laboratory of ¡°Digital Multimedia Chip Technology¡± announced in Beijing that the five major core technologies such as ¡°convolutional neural network processing unit technology based on data-driven parallel computing fabric¡±, ¡°embedded in-depth learning machine vision SoC technology¡± and others have been taken after more than five years of unremitting efforts and independent innovation. The ¡°No. 1 Xingguang Smart¡± VC0758¡ªthe first NPU chip in China able to have in-depth learning artificial intelligence, was launched and successfully manufactured in mass production. This great event was reported by major news media such as the CCTV ¡°Network News Broadcast¡±, People¡¯s Network, Xinhuanet, Guangming Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China Electronics News and network new media, and all regarded that the ¡°No. 1 Xingguang Smart¡± symbolizes that China has made major breakthrough in the R&D and industrialization of artificial intelligence chip of neural network processing unit and reached international advanced level in the field of in-depth learning of artificial intelligence. This chip is the first to be applied to video security industry based on SVAC national standard and makes the Chinese security and protection monitoring industry striding into the age of intelligence from the age of simulation and digit. Thus, the leading role is established in the international community, which causes a sensation in the industry around the whole world.

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