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  Product Description


VC0338 is a dedicated PC Camera controller chip targeting for high quality standard-alone PC Camera or Notebook PC Embedded Camera. With its integrated high quality ISP and MJPEG compression engine, VC0338 can video stream HD (720P), SXGA at 30fps, and 2 Mega at 15fps. This chip utilizes the most up-to-date technologies and offering a vast variety of functions for enhancing Web camera multimedia experiences. Being Microsoft WHQL compliant, as well as supporting USB Video Class 1.0 standard and USB Audio Class 1.0 standard, this state-of-the-art design is a versatile solution that makes the creation of high speed, high resolution, high performance, low power Web cameras into a reality.

  Key Features

USB2.0 PHY compatible with H/S and F/S

Support UVC and UAC

Support up to 5M pixel CMOS sensors

60fps video streaming @ VGA

30fps video streaming @ HD 720P

30fps video streaming @ SXGA

15fps video streaming @ UXGA

Support Parallel, SMIA, and MIPI sensor interface

10-Bit enhanced ISP/IPP

Built-in hardware MJPEG

2 channels of PDM interface for connecting digital microphones

External I2S audio codec interface

Flexible firmware upgradability

Support DFU and firmware patch code

Use OTP memory for easy firmware customization

TF BGA packagelow power consumption

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