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Mobile Video Processor (Camera)  
Mobile Video Processors are innovative chips that provide the complete camera solution for mobile phones. These powerful single-chip processors enable efficient image and video data exchange between mobile phone baseband processors, displays and image sensors because bulk data processing associated with compressing and decompressing will be performed by Mobile Video Processors. The processor chips support camera features such as digital zoom, graphics acceleration, image rotation and various special image effects and support multiple LCD sizes up to QVGA.

Mobile Audio Processor (MIDI, MP3, AAC)  
The Mobile Audio Processor series of SoC are single-chip processors designed for mobile devices. These audio processors integrate DAC, audio power amplifier (PA), headphone driver, Polyphonic MIDI synthesizer, mp3 CODEC and other advanced audio modules all into one chip. Devices using MAP have high quality polyphony ringtones, realistic background music for games, mp3 playback, and synthetic voices to all kinds of 2G, 2.5G, 3G Mobile phones and mobile devices. Newer generations of MAP support file system and USB functions as well.

Mobile Multimedia Processor  
The Mobile Multimedia Processor series of SoC are highly integrated high-performance multimedia application processors with high-performance video camera processor features and audio codec into a single silicon. These powerful single-chip multimedia processors for mobile devices will help designers and manufactures to design mobile devices with true personal multimedia entertainment centers in mind.


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