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  Product Brief


Vimicro's mega-pixel camera controller VC0528 is cost-down member of mobile camera processor. It is also pin to pin with VC0558 and VC0568 by 100 pins fpBGA package. With standard baseline JPEG codec under dynamic bit-rate control, VC0528 enables mobile devices to capture and display various special efforts still images and video clip at real-time on mobile device screen.

For supporting up to 1.3MCMOS/CCD image sensor and dual LCD panels, VC0528 can capture high-quality, low-latency still images and video stream based on creative ideal sparkle of shutterbugs.

    Key Features

Small 7x 7mm 2 fpBGA footprint

Pin to Pin compatible with VC0558 and VC0568

Support up to 1.3M pixel off-shelf

CMOS/CCD sensor

4x digital zoom

High quality ISP and IPP

Special image effect

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