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  Product Brief


VC0568 is a mega-pixel camera controller chip for mobile application. It enables camera phone to capture and display still image and video clip at real-time on mobile phone screen. By using VC0568, the burden on mobile phone host CPU to process image and graphics can be reduced dramatically.

VC 0568' s image pipeline integrates Image Signal Processing unit, Image Post Processing unit, JPEG codec as well as JPEG buffer allocated from the on-chip 384KB SRAM for storing 1.3M -resolution JPEG images. A powerful yet flexible image sizer embedded in VC0568 further allows mobile phone users to perform up to 16x digital zoom and pan function in viewfinder, capture and display mode. The on-chip JPEG codec may also be employed by host CPU for various encoding/decoding tasks.

With direct interface to CMOS/CCD image sensor and LCD display module, VC0568 can provide high-quality, low-latency video stream to most popular LCD panels with desired resolution and color depth.

    Key Features

Small 7x 7mm 2 fpBGA Package



Graphic Engine

Image Sizer and Digital Zoom

Pan function in viewfinder, capture and display mode

Special image effects

Programmable Image Resolution

Programmable Data Format

Auto Flicker Detection and Removal


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