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IP Camera
Vimicro's Vilar series IP Camera solution is an exceptional quality communication medium with outstanding functionality. It provides a high level platform for the every-day operation of the IP camera. The user can control this security IP camera from any remote location and mange the camera through the browser and the necessary software installed on the remote device easily. Vilar includes not only the chips and reference design, but also the firmware, terminal, client/server system software and intelligent video analysis software. It is the total solution for video surveillance via the internet.

+ Vilar solution

Solution name
Video compression
Wireless LAN
MP status
M-JPEG 10M/100M No No No Mass production


M-JPEG 10M/100M No Yes No Mass production
M-JPEG/MPEG4 10M/100M 802.11b/g Yes Yes Coming soon

+ IP camera terminal

+ Accessorial software
    Vilar Multi-view


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