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  Product Description


VC0868S is a high-performance mixed-signal multimedia processor with audio and video system-on-chip (SoC). It is designed for mobile Audio Video (AV) center. VC0868S enables mobile device designers to quickly add feature-rich audio and video applications to their products to build a mobile AV center. This low cost and power-efficient multimedia mobile processor combined powerful features of VC0568 and VC0968 into a single chip. VC0568 is the ultimate complete solution for mobile devices.

  Key Features

1.3 Mega-Pixel

High quality image signal processing (ISP) and image post processing (IPP)


2D Graphic Engine

Auto white balance (AWB) and auto exposure (AE)

MP3 Encoder

ADPCM Encoder

FAT32/16 File System Storage


NAND-flash Interface

T-flash Interface

SD/MMC Card Interface

Stereo Headphone PA

Stereo Speaker PA

Stereo ADC&DAC

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