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  Product Description


VC0938 is a high-quality, low-power single-chip audio processor that delivers the ultimate music experience to mobile phone users. VC0938 integrates 64-polyphony wavetable MIDI synthesizer, full MIDI GM Preset ROM, MP3 decoder, 16-bit 48KHz Delta-Sigma DAC, Stereo Headphone driver and Speaker Power Amplifier into a 6.5mm x 5.5mm 40-pin LPCC package.

VC0938 can generate ringtone in various formats, such as MIDI ringtone (SMF format), MP3 ringtone (VMD Format), Hybrid ringtone (VMD format), etc. VC0938 also offers some advanced features, such as MP3 mixed with MIDI, 3D sound effect, user-defined musical instrument, user-defined sound effect, vibrator controlled by rhythm, RGB colored LED controlled by rhythm and caller ID, hands-free operation, karaoke, etc. VC0938 can also support fast-forward, fast-backward, fade-in/fade-out, as well as providing support for 4-channel streaming audio. VC0938 is a complete Mobile Audio Sub-system providing total solutions for applications like Hi-Fi MP3 ringtone, polyphonic MIDI ringtone, background music for games, and streaming audio playback.

  Key Features

Small 40-Pin LPCC package (6.5mm x 5.5mm footprint)

64-polyphony Wavetable MIDI synthesizer

MP3 decoder

16-bit 48KHz Delta-Sigma DAC

Stereo Headphone driver and Speaker Power Amplifier

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