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  Product Description


VC0978 is a high-performance mixed-signal processor with audio system on chip (SoC). It is one of the best single-chip solutions for mobile audio applications in the marketplace today. VC0978 has integrated FAT16/FAT32 File System storages as well as USB 2.0 HS FS interfaces, SD/MMC memory card interface, NAND flash interface and T flash interface. With these interfaces users can easily plug in any supported media card to expand the storage, playback pre-recorded music, or connect to a USB host to download or upload the data. On the audio side VC0978 has integrated stereo amplifier, 64-polyphony MIDI synthesizer, MP3 decoder, ADPCM decoder, and rhythm-driven vibrator controller into the chip, which enables mobile device designers to quickly add feature-rich audio applications to their products. This in turn will offer users the most ultimate audio experience available today. This low cost and power efficient mobile audio processor is a complete solution for modern mobile devices.

  Key Features

Compact 100-pin tfBGA package (7mm x 7mm x 1.15mm)

0.18um CMOS process

Support USB2.0 HS and FS protocols

Support Udisk function

FAT16/FAT 32 file system

Support multiple storage interface including SD card (1-bit mode or 4-bit mode), MMC card, T-Flash, 8-bit NAND Flash

I2S Audio interface

MP3 Decoder and ADPCM Decoder

64 Polyphony MIDI Synthesizer

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