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VC0616 NPU

VC0616 embedded with the NPU (Neutral Processing Unit) and rich peripherals, it is the SoC that special designed for deep learning applications, it doubles the computation performance than the VC0758. It could be suitable for the most broadly kinds of AI applications and video, image processing, audio applications. Rich peripherals as ethernet interface, USB UART SPI I2C will make it could be easily co-work with the exist control system.

  • VC0616 embedded with two NPUs
  • Every NPU combines with four NPU cores.
  • Every NPU core embeds with two Dataflow Processors and one Long Word Processor
  • Every Data Flow Processor Contains with 8 long-bit-width or 16 short-bit-width SIMD(single instruction multi data) process units for one Dataflow Processor
  • Offers a peak throughput of 76GOPS or 162 GOPS with different bit width
  • Supports popular neutral network layer in deep learning
    • Convolution Layer
    • Pooling Layer
    • Full Connection Layer
    • Activation Layer
    • Custom Specific Layer
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