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VS-MC1208VD1 HD Digital Image Module

VS-MC1208VD1 Is a 2Mega HD Digital Image Module£¬Using the low illumination characteristic excellent 2Mega 1.5 generation star light sensor£¬Collocation Vimicro independent research and development of a new generation of ISP chip VC0710£¬Support 1080p@30fps (default 25FPS)£¬Standard DVP or internal synchronous output¡£The module consists of two PCB connections of the same size¡£

  • Support dynamic adjustment of image parameters£¬as Exposure mode¡¢White Balance Mode¡¢Brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness¡¢Image mirroring and flipping, dynamic range of image;
  • Support daytime and night mode switching£¬Minimum illumination: color 0.001lux, black and white 0.0001lux;
  • Support switching colors Output mode£¨BT.601/BT.709£©;
  • Support wide dynamic picture, glare suppression, backlight compensation;
  • Support switching electronic anti shake, switching image noise reduction, 2D noise reduction and 3D noise reduction;
  • Support for fog mode, privacy shelter;
  • Sensitivity enhancement 25%;
  • Mechanical infrared filter control£¬Automatic iris adjustment;
  • Video data output mode, selectable internal synchronization or external synchronization£¬Support standard bt.1120 output£¬The default output is external synchronization£¬99MHz;
  • Support standard IIC control interface;
  • Provide SDK integrated development kit.
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