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VC0738 H.264 Codec SoC

The VC0738 is a professional high-end system-on-chip (SoC) designed for multi-channel 960H/D1 and high-definition (HD) digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs).With a high-performance ARM926 processor, an engine supporting up to 8-channel D1/16-channels CIF real-time encoding and decoding, the VC0738 meets the rising demand for HD and network applications. The VC0738 also provides an outstanding video engine, various encoding/decoding algorithms, and multi-channel HD output capability.

These features guarantee users a high-quality image experience. In addition, the VC0738 supports various highly-integrated peripheral interfaces to meet customer requirements for functionality, features, and image quality, while reducing the engineering bill of material (EBOM) cost. The VC0738 is applicable to the following typical scenarios:


  • DVR for 4xD1/960H@25fps+4xCIF/480H@25fps encoding + 4xD1/960H@25fps decoding
  • DVR for 4x720P@25fps+4xD1@25fps encoding + 4x720P@25fps decoding
  • DVR for 8xD1/960H@25fps+8xCIF/480H@25fps encoding + 4xD1/960H@25fps decoding
  • DVR for 8x720P@20fps+8xD1@20fps encoding + 1x720P@20fps decoding
  • DVR for 16xCIF@25fps encoding+16xQCIF@25fps encoding + 16xCIF@25fps
  • DVR for 16xD1@>20fps+16xCIF encoding + 16xD1@>20fps decoding


  • NVR for 4xD1/4x960H@25fps decoding
  • NVR for 4x720P@25fps decoding
  • NVR for 1x1080P@60fps decoding
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