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  Product Description


VC0706 security camera digital processor is specially designed for image capturing and processing application, it can provide powerful image processing capability for the video signal which from CMOS sensor such as Auto white balance, Auto exposure and Auto gain control. Moreover VC0706 integrates video optimization under low light environment and smart noise forecast and reduction functions to provide high quality digital video output via standard CCIR 656 interface. Armed with JPEG embedded codec, VC0706 can make the real time coding for the capture image and make its external control read the M-JPEG video more convenient, because of that it will help you implement dual-stream design easily. VC0706 supports motion detection, and On Screen Display functions with the custom configurable detection area and sensitivity, it also supports the embedded OSD function, to enable on screen characters, logo or bit-map overlay, or privacy zone protection. VC0706 has embedded NTSC/PAL coder and video DAC (Digital-to-analog converter) to provideoutput complex videoCVBS signal to TV display device.

  Key Features


CMOS sensor or CCIR656 video input


CCIRT656 digital video output


Supports UART and SPI interface to connect various host controller easily


Supports VGA M-JPEG video output with the frame rates up to 30 fps


Embedded OSD image overlay


Video optimization under low light environment


Smart noise forecast and reduction


Motion detection and alarm trig


NTSC/PAL output


Various image processing modes

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