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June 2017 SVAC national standard version 2.0 is officially approved by the Standardization Administration of China (SAC). Compression efficiency, data security, and abilities of video structural description are upgraded in this version.

April 2017 Deng Zhonghan was appointed as the 10th counselor by the First Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Dr. Deng stated that the development of IC and AI may provide solutions for the light weight, small size, low power dissipation, automatic control and intelligent operation of the aerospace system.

December 2016 In December 2016, the ¡°Xingguang Smart No. 1¡± successfully came into the market of security and protection monitoring and was applied to the ¡°skynet¡± project of Datong. The ¡°Xingguang Smart No. 1¡± VC0758 is the first IP Camera SoC embedding NPU into video Codec around the world. Artificial intelligence algorithm of in-depth learning is able to operate in the front-end camera. Relying on encoder complying with SVAC national standard, video structural description is realized and new prospect of front-end Intelligence application is launched.

Jun 2016 Vimicro announced the mass production of VC0758, which is an IP Camera SoC with embedded NPU(Neural Network Processing Unit). This is China¡¯s first embedded NPU entering into mass production. Supporting typical Deep Learning neural networks, VC0758 is suitable for applications like security camera, drones, robots, ADAS, air-conditioner, refrigerator, etc.

December 2015 State Key Laboratory of ¡°Digital Multimedia Chip Technology¡± was qualified by Ministry of Science and Technology, and starts official operation in Vimicro. The laboratory is one of the three State Key laboratories on integrated circuit countrywise. The other two are the State Key laboratories of ¡°Specific Integrated Circuit and System¡± of Fudan University and the ¡°Super VLSI of Analog and Mixed-signal¡± of University of Macau, respectively. Deng Zhonghan (Chairman and CEO), Zhang Yundong (CTO) and Yang Xiaodong (expert of Thousand Talents Program) act as the director, executive director and the director of the academic board of VIMC¡¯s national key laboratory of ¡°Digital Multimedia Chip Technology¡± respectively.

March 2015 Vimicro announce the new generation of SVAC chip VC0718 starts mass shipping. VC0718 is an IP Camera SoC supporting national standard. With advanced features like frame level encryption, security specific data, video structural description, image enhancement on ROI, etc. VC0718 provides complete solution for imminent intelligent era.

May 2014 Vimicro and State Grid Hunan Electricity Company signed strategic cooperation agreement in Changsha, which indicated SVAC-based video security technology was adopted in electric system.

March 2014 Granted by the Ministry of Public Security, Guangdong become the pilot province, and start to implement SVAC national standard.

December 2013 Vimicro and State Grid Hunan Electricity Company accomplished the joint project ¡°Key technology and equipments on prevention and control of large scale frozen disaster¡±, and wins the first prize of the National Science and Technology Advancement Award.

December 2013 Vimicro receives large security order from Baoding City and SVAC is officially launched in Hebei Province

November 2013 Vimicro announced security solutions is now Vimicro¡¯s largest business line, comprising 77% of revenues in the third quarter of 2013.

September 2013 Vimicro receives large security order from Ziyang City and SVAC is officially launched in Sichuan Province.

July 2013 Vimicro receives first large security order from Taiyuan City and SVAV is officially launched in Shanxi Province.

September 2012 Vimicro establishes a subsidiary with Shanxi Guoxin Investment Group Corporation called Zhongtianxin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to expand its security and security business in Shanxi province.

May 2012 John Deng meets with China's State Councilor and Minister of Public Security, Mr. Jianzhu Meng, in Beijing, where Mr. Meng highly praises the role that SVAC plays in strengthening China's law enforcement.

August 2011 SVAC Alliance formed with more than 40 companies and research institutes members. It is chaired by the director Mr. Li Jian from the Ministry of Public Security of China.

May 2011 SVAC technology standard officially applied in China.

December 2010 SVAC technology standard officially approved and released by the National Standardization Committee in China.

September 2010 Vimicro security technology employed at the World Expo in Shanghai.

December 2009 Dr. Deng was elected to China¡¯s Academy of Engineering.

August 2009 Vimicro acquires ViSS (Video security System) software from Alcatel-Lucent.

September 2008 Vimicro ships a total of more than 100 million web-camera embedded processors for high-end notebook PCs.

March 2008 Dr. Deng becomes a member of China¡¯s People¡¯s Congress.

November 2007 Vimicro, along with the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, launch the SVAC project.

September 2007 Vimicro¡¯s domestic and international patent applications number more than 1,000.

September 2006 Vimicro¡¯s products run on Apple Macintosh computers.

March 2006 Vimicro¡¯s stock rises to an all-time high, and the company¡¯s market capitalization reaches US $1 billion.

November 15, 2005 Vimicro completes its initial public offering on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Its ticker symbol is VIMC. Underwriters are Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Needham & Co., and Piper Jaffray.

March 2005 Vimicro¡¯s Starlight multimedia chip technology wins the first prize of the National Science and Technology Advancement Award, presented in person by the President of China.

December 2004 Vimicro's Starlight-series products are used in more than 60% of PCs and laptops, enabling the global proliferation of Internet chatting and video conferencing. The chips win the ¡°Key IT Industry Technology Innovation Award¡± from China¡¯s Ministry of Information Industry (MII).

October 2003 Vimicro announces its flagship ¡°Starlight V¡± product, an advanced video processor for the PC platform, which was widely adopted by such vendors as Dell, Sony, and Lenovo.

April 2002 Vimicro launched its ¡°Starlight II¡± product, a next-generation PC USB camera processor with integrated audio and video processing, which was later adopted by leading vendors such as HP, Creative and Logitech.

March 2001 Vimicro releases its first "Starlight I" chip product, an advanced video processor for PC USB cameras, which was adopted by Samsung and Philips. The "Starlight I" is the very first semiconductor chip designed in China and sold internationally.

May 2000 Vimicro and Tsinghua University form a joint research laboratory at Tsinghua with Mr. Zhou Guangzhao named chairman and Dr. Deng named honorary chairman for the purpose of training engineers and expanding the relationship between Vimicro and Tsinghua.

October 14, 1999 Vimicro Corporation founded by three entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley in Beijing¡¯s Zhongguancun technology district to develop semiconductor very-large-scale integrated (VLSI) circuits for Internet web video applications. The initial venture investment came from China¡¯s Ministry of Information Industry.

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