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Vimicro won "2016 Annual China Top 10 Semiconductor Design Enterprise"        March 2017
Vimicro Zxelec Viss Platform System was awared "2014 Annual Excellent Suiveillance Product Recommended for Security Construction" by Security Industry Association.        September 2014
Vimicro suiveillance product "Key Technology and Equipment for State Grid Frozen Prevention and Management" won the first-level prize of National Science and Technology Advancement Award.       December,2013
Vimicro Wuxi won "2013 Annual EDA Innovation Prize"        November 12, 2013
Vimicro Wuxi was awarded "2012 Annual Advanced Company of Technology Innovation Work"        January 11,2013
Academician Deng was awarded "Global Security Contribution Prize" in recognition of his significant contribution in security fields.        October 2011
Vimicro Zxelec was awarded "China Top 10 Leading Brand in Security Industry".        June 8,2011
Vimicro Zxelec won Industry Application Cooperation Partner in Group Level by China Unicom.        April 26,2011
Academician Deng was awarded as "China Top 10 Persons in Information Industry in the past decade".   December 4,2010
Academician Deng was awarded as "2010 Annual Global Future Leader".   October 2010
Dr. Zhonghan Deng was elected as Academician of China Academy of Engineering.   December 2,2009
Vimicro Zxelec SVAC product was awared "Golden Prize in 12th Security Expo".    November 2009
Vimicro Zxelec "E-Sight-Communication" was awarded "China Mobile G3 Business Innovation Contest Special Prize ".   October 30,2009
Dr. Zhonghan Deng was invited to attend "National Day 60th Anniversary Floats Parade" in recognition of contribution in chip design over the decade.   October 1,2009
Vimicro was awarded "CCTV 60th Anniversary 60 Brand Prize" in recognition of its creative contribution in chip design in the past decade.    Aug 18,2008
Vimicro Zxelec suiveillance product won "Security Expo Prize".   November 2008
Dr. Zhonghan Deng was awarded "China Revolution 30th Anniversary Distinguished Person".   September 27,2008
Dr. Zhonghan Deng was elected as Beijing Torch Runner for 2008 Olympic Games.    August 2008
Dr.Zhonghan Deng was awarded "China Entrepreneur Revolution commemorative Medal ".   May 24,20086
Vimicro retained "Independent Creative Excellence Brand Prize".   May 22,2008
Vimicro won "Top 10 Outstanding IC Design Services in China" and "Top 10 Mainland IC Brand" in 2008 EETimes-China IC Design House Survey.   May 2008
Dr. Zhonghan Deng,Chairman of Boards,Vimicro,was awarded "2007 Annual Person of Brand China".   December18,2007
Vimicro won "2007 Annual EDA Innovation Prize".   November 18, 2007
Vimicro was nominated into "2007 Annual China Potential 100 Rank" as the 5th company by Forbes China Magazine.
Vimicro was awarded "2006 Annual Prize" by FSA.   December 13,2006
Dr.Zhonghan Deng, Chairman of Boards,Vimicro, won the Honor Title of "Advanced Individual in contribution of Welloff Construction " awarded by United Front Work Department as excellent independent.  September 20,2006
Vimicro won the awards of "One of the 10 most outstanding IC design services in China" and "One of China's top 10 local IC brands" in 2008 EE Times-China IC Design House Survey.        May, 2008
Vimicro Designated "Outstanding Representative of Technology Innovation in Information Industry" from Ministry of Information Industry.   Aug., 2006
John Deng, Vimicro's Chairman, won "2005 China Top Ten Science and Technology Persons" Award.   April, 2006
John Deng won the Top Award of 2005 Most Influential Business Persons of the Year.   Dec.,2005
2005 Berkeley Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award.   Sept.,2005
John Deng, Vimicro's Chairman, won top National Awards.   May, 2005
Vimicro's multimedia chip technologies won the first prize of National Science and Technology Advancement Award.   March, 2005
Vimicro won the award of "Year 2004 Enterprises with the Greatest Development Potential in China Communication Industry".   Jan., 2005
Vimicro's series multimedia chip products won MII's "Key IT Industry Technology Innovation" Award.  Dec.,2004
Vimicro won the Outstanding Contribution Award at the Tenth Anniversary of Chinese IC design industry.   Dec.,2004
Dr. John Deng was honored as one of the "Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Beijing".   
Dec. 2004
Vimicro series digital multimedia chips won the First Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Achievement Award.  April, 2004
Vimicro won the award of "Year 2004 Small to Medium Size Enterprises with the Greatest Growth Potential".  April, 2004
Vimicro received "Beijing Intellectual Property Achievement" award.   April, 2004
Dr. John Deng was honored as "Leader of Chinese Semiconductor Industry Association".   
Dr. John Deng was honored with the award of Beijing Outstanding Experts in Science, Technology and Management.   Nov.,2003
Dr. John Deng received the "Outstanding Young Investigator" award from Chinese Association of Science and Technology.   Sept.,2003
Dr. John Deng, Vimicro Chairman, was honored as the "Best Oversea Returnee Entrepreneur" and interviewed by Mr. Jintao Hu, Chinese President and Mr. Jiabao Wen, Chinese Premier.   Sept.,2003
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