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Vimicro is committed to bring AI techniques into every camera and make the smart cameras anywhere.

Say internet is river, big data is water, informations are those fishes, and AI is the way to get the fishes.

Predicted by IDC, the total data will reach 40ZB in 2020. About 80% from total data is video data which contains a great deal of valuable information. But most likely, the video data will be ignored and removed several months after its been generated. In order to get those useful information in the first time when its generated, Vimicro provide camera chip with embedded NPU, which can perform AI analytics when video data is captured, then tap the result of analytics onto the video data during compression and encoding, finally generate the structural video bit-stream so that people can easily search for their interested information without the effort of video decoding. Vimicro is committed to provide more chips with higher deep learning computation strength, lower power dissipation, and smaller form factor, to meet the requirement of AI camera anywhere in Internet of Things.

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