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Vimicro is a leading video technology supplier serving the explosive market for networked video applications, in particular the domestic video surveillance market in China and the Internet web camera market globally. Headquartered in Beijing¡¯s high-tech district, the Company was selected as the lead developer for China¡¯s domestic SVAC (Surveillance Video and Audio Coding) standard. Vimicro is aggressively entering the huge market for video surveillance solutions, leveraging its pioneering and subsequent dominance of the global market for video-processing IC chips used in PC and laptop web cameras, which enabled the worldwide boom in Internet video chatting and conferencing which are ubiquitous today. Vimicro¡¯s product offerings include video processing ICs for PCs and web cameras, as well as video surveillance solutions, which are comprised of advanced video processing ICs, equipment, and software.

Company History

Vimicro was founded in 1999 in Beijing by entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley with initial funding from China¡¯s Ministry of Information Industry. The Company is headquartered in Beijing¡¯s Zhongguancun high-tech district and has several R&D centers and sales offices throughout mainland China, as well as an office in Silicon Valley. The Company¡¯s initial product portfolio was comprised of advanced mixed-signal multimedia chips, which were sold domestically and internationally, gaining as customers such leading global PC makers as HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, and others, launching the global proliferation of Internet chatting and video conferencing. Vimicro successfully completed an initial public offering on November 15th, 2005, becoming the first fabless semiconductor IC maker from China listed on the NASDAQ. In 2010, Vimicro began its push into the China domestic video surveillance market. The Company is a co-initiator and co-developer of SVAC (Security Video and Audio Coding), the Chinese domestic standard for use in video surveillance applications. Vimicro¡¯s strong technology base has won it numerous awards, and the Company has filed for more than 2,500 patents.


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