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From the birth of company, to the first chip product, and then fast ramping to shipping tens of millions of chips, Vimicro has received enormous support and help from many government officers and friends in the industry ...

Chinese President Mr. Jinping Xi met with Dr. John Deng.
January 24th, 2003
Chinese President Mr. Jintao Hu visited Beijing Zhongguancun and met with Dr. John Deng.
  In July 2001 and August 2004 respectively, National Parliament Congress Chairman Mr. Bangguo Wu praised for two times about Vimicro's success on multimedia chips, its stick to developing core technologies, and successful penetration into worldwide market as well.
July 27th, 2001
NPC Vice Chairman Zhou Guangzhao and MII vice Minister Qu Weizhi visited Vimicro.
George Bush, US former President, had a meeting with Dr. Deng.
On Feb., 12 of 2007, Zeng Peiyan, vice premier, along with Wang Qishan, mayor of Beijing and the leaders from Ministry of Information Industry visited Vimicro. Vice premier Zeng gave the directive for the further development of Vimicro and encouraged the researchers to make persistent efforts to achieve the progress.
December 16th, 2004
State Council Member Chen Zhili, along with NDRC deputy director Zhang Xiaoqiang, MOST vice Minister Li Xueyong, MOE vice Minister Zhang Xinsheng, SAT deputy director general Wang Li, CSRC vice chairman Tu Guangxu, MOF Minister Assistant Zhang Shaochun, etc., visited Vimicro.
Beijing Secretary General Liu Qi Visited Vimicro in 2004.
On August, 19, 2005, Wang Xudong, Minister of MII, visited Vimicro.
Minister Xu Guanhua, vice Minister Ma Songde, vice Minister Cheng Jinpei, Director Feng Jichun and other officials from MOST visited Vimicro for several times.
Beijing Mayor Wang Qishan Visited Vimicro in 2004.
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