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  Product Description


We provide new choice for security camera processor is VC0703. Besides many merits of VC0702, VC0703 is built with the latest digital video processing technology, can fully satisfied manufacturer¨s expectation on product design. It integrate 10-bits high speed image signal processor, frame rate controller, image sizer, On Screen Display unit and video DAC (Digital-to-analog converter), provides interface to image sensor, can output NTSC/PAL video directly, and with OSD supporting. Moreover, its powerful digital image analysis and optimization function will help you implement many valuable features to your design, such as motion detection, auto trigger alarm and Black & White image conversion in low light environment. VC0703 can be used to build surveillance camera, automotive camera, video door phone, medical equipment, video toys and other devices require image capture and analog video output.

  Key Features


Building security camera just with VC0703 and image sensor


Low voltage, Low power Design


Supports frame rates up to 60 fps


NTSC/PAL video output


On Screen Display support


Provides high performance picture under varied environment


Smart noise reduction


Motion detection and alarm trig


10-bits image digital signal processing


Embedded video DAC


Small packageeasy to produce

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